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Orange Off Inflatable Boat Cleaner, Adhesive, Bottom Paint and Barnacle Remover, Quart
  • Orange Off Inflatable Boat Cleaner, Adhesive, Bottom Paint and Barnacle Remover, Quart
  • Deck Chairs Before and After
  • Ten Year Old Tubes
  • Ten Year Old Tubes

Inflatable Boat Cleaner, Orange Off 32 oz, Removes Adhesive, Bottom Paint and Barnacles

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Orange Off Inflatable Boat Cleaner, Adhesive, Bottom Paint & Barnacle Remover is a highly concentrated, biodegradable  citrus cleaner and degreaser made from D'limolene, an ultra powerful cleaning chemical that is derived from the cells of orange peels.  Orange Off's emulsifier safely dissolves adhesives, mold stains, grease, oil, lime deposits, oxidation and waterline stains and is considered the "Goo Gone" of the inflatable boat industry.  Orange Off contains no synthetic chemicals, petroleum distillates or harmful detergents which damage inflatable boat tube fabric.   The above picture is a 1982 Achilles SR124 found in a dumpster.  We simply sprayed the Orange Off on the tube, let it sit for 10 seconds, used the scrub pad that is included and wiped clean.  If you don't find that Orange Off is the most effective cleaner, adhesive & barnacle remover on the market, simply return the unused portion for a full refund.  Also works on plastic, fiberglass and injection molded kayaks and boat hulls.  When applying a patch after using Orange Off, clean area well with Toluene or MEK.  A 6"x 9" scrubbing pad is included. Naturally orange scented.  Canadian customers can call Dan's Nautical Shop at (519) 735-2628 or email
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Check out our YouTube Video on our restoration project:
Dr. Roberto Mendez of Puerto Rico:
" I recently took out my Zodiac 10 foot inflatable boat that had been stored for 10 years.  It was full of mold and stains.  Upon calling, I was advised to use the Orange Off Cleaner and Adhesive Remover.  I am absolutely impressed with the ease of application and most of all with the results obtained.  The Zodiac's color is almost as it was when it was brand new.  I only used about 1/4 of the bottle.  Thank you for a great product."
Jack Kelley of Inflatable Marine Repair Services, Westchester, PA
" I've tested every inflatable boat cleaner on the market and Orange Off is the best cleaner I've ever used.  I recommend using it along with an inflatable boat protectant."
Wally Eastman of Monahan's Marine, Weymouth, MA
"Your Orange cleaner is amazing.  We use it on everything in the boat yard!" 
Dick Cromwell, Owner, Freedom Boat Clubs of RI
"We buy it by the gallon.  It cleans everything in the fleet on the first try and saves my crew a lot of time.  It's safer and more effective than the harsh chemicals we've used in the past".

Charles Williamson, M/V Nepidae

"I've tried many other cleaners and Orange Off, by far, works the best."
<Leicadave> I tried this on some old barnacle remains on the stern of my inflatable. It softened and dissolved these quickly, though I must admit speeding the process a bit by scraping with my fingernail as these were now soft enough to scrape off easily. These hard deposits came off completely and the stern black trim now looks like new.

A little also goes a long way!

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