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Inflatable Boat Velcro Oar Holder Hypalon or PVC- Light Gray

Glue down inflatable boat velcro oar holder, 4.5" in diameter, available in Hypalon or PVC
Zodiac Bombard Oars, each (Part #ZDC6424

Zodiac Bombard Oars, each (Part #Z6424)

Zodiac Bombard Replacement Oars, each.
Zodiac Oar, Each (Zodiac Part #ZDC6425)

Zodiac & Avon Oar, Each (Part #Z6425)

Zodiac oar with gray paddle and handle. Fits all Zodiac Cadet model boats manufactured since 1997. All oars are sold individually, for a pair please order two. (Zodiac Part #Z6425). 35mm diameter 55" long.
Caribe/Zodiac Detachable Blade - Gray

Caribe/Zodiac Oar Blade – Gray or Black, Each

Replacement blade for Caribe, Apex and other gray oars with a 35mm diameter
Zodiac Oar Lock, Black Screwed, pair (Part #ZDC6303)

Zodiac Oar Lock, Screwed, pair (Part #Z6303)

Zodiac Oar Locks, sold in pairs. For pre 1998 Zodiacs and Bombards

Zodiac & West Marine Oarlock, Stainless Steel Pins, Pair (Part #Z67502)

Replacement oarlocks with Stainless Steel pins for Zodiac Cadet Series and YL RIBS - sold as a pair (Zodiac Part #ZDC67502).    

Zodiac & West Marine Oarlock Upgrade Kit – Stainless Steel Pins. Pair (Part #Z67506)

Zodiac Oarlock system to replace current oarlock systems or retrofit older systems 2002 and older.

Zodiac Oarlock, Push and Twist, Gimballed, Pair, Black (Zodiac Part #Z61710). Pre 1997.

Oarlocks for 1996 Zodiac Fastrollers and Yachtlines, push and twist, gimballed. Sold in Pairs. Black. Part #Z61710.
Zodiac Rowlock (Zodiac Part #ZDC6031)

Zodiac Rowlock (Zodiac Part #Z6031). Pre 1998.

Zodiac screw-in oarlock. Fits older Zodiac, Bombard, West Marine and pre-1998 OMC Express boats. Threads into the oarlock base. Made of black plastic. Sold as each. (Zodiac Part #Z6031)

Zodiac Replacement Glue Down Oarlock, Gray or Black, Pair (Part #Z69346)

Zodiac Replacement Glue Down Oarlock, Pair. These will work great for any PVC inflatable boat.

Zodiac Oar Clip for Zodiac Inflatable Cadets, Bombard, Sold in Pairs (Part #Z2815). Also fits some West Marine Inflatables.

Oar Clip for 1997 to current Zodiac Cadets, Bombard. Also fits some West Marine Inflatables. Oar Clip holds the oar secure to oar button on the boat. Zodiac Part #Z2815.
Zodiac Oar Attachment (Zodiac Part #ZDC2850), Single Oar Attachment

Zodiac Elastic Oar Retainer (Zodiac Part #Z2850), Single Oar Attachment

Oar attachment for Zodiac Oars (Zodiac Part #Z2850).