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Railblaza Illuminate Navigational Removable Bow Light

Requires a RibPort, CleatPort, Sideport, Starport or Railmount base. RibPort and CleatPort are Peel and Stick mounts for Inflatable Boats.

RailBlaza NaviPack Light Kit for Inflatable boats. Peel and Stick Bow Light and 43″ High Adjustable Stern Light.

The RAILBLAZA Portable LED Navigation Light Kit, or NaviPack, is the perfect companion for inflatables or fiberglass boats.

Inflatable Dinghy LED Navigation Light Kit with Inflatable Boat Bow and stern peel and stick Light Kit by Navisafe Works on PVC and Hypalon

The Navisafe Dinghy light kit with easy to install, peel and stick bow light is the easiest and most efficient light kit out there! All mountings included. Visable up to 2 nautical miles and is waterproof. Works on both Hypalon and PVC inflatable boat.

Aqua Signal Navigation Inflatable Boat LED Stern Light Kit, 27440-7

LED Portable Stern Light Navigation Light Kit, with three mounting options.

Aqua Signal Navigation Inflatable Boat LED Bow Light Kit, Bi-Color 27400-7

LED Portable Bow Light Navigation Light Kit, with two mounting options, Bi-color.

Railblaza Extenda Pole 1000, Extending Pole for Inflatable Boats and Standard Boats

Railblaza Extenda Pole 1000 attaches to any Railblaza StarPort mounts. The top will hold any Railblaza accessory or flag. Fully removable.

NaviSafe Bendable Suction Mount

Navisafe Bendable Suction mount. Designed for magnetic Navi light 360 or magnetic red/green light.