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Hypalon Inflatable Boat Seat Attachment, Light Gray

Inflatable Boat Seat Retainer for Hypalon Inflatable Boats.  Light Gray.
Hypalon Seat Retainer for AB Inflatables, White

Hypalon Seat Retainer for AB Inflatables, White or Gray

Hypalon seat retainer in White or Gray for AB brand inflatables each.

Inflatable Boat Seat Velcro Attaching Patches Hypalon 7×3″, 2 Hook, 2 Loop, Set of 4.

Build your own inflatable boat seat and attach with these Hypalon 7x3 inch seat patches with Velcro, 2 hook, 2 loop, set of 4.

Fold Down Seat Hinge for Inflatable Boat Seat, Patent #5956810. Pair


Inflatable Boat Seat Hinges by the Pair for fold down boat seats. Used on most brands such as AB, Caribe and Zodiac.  Also used on Eurohelm system.