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Inflatable Boat Velcro Oar Holder Hypalon or PVC- Light Gray

Glue down inflatable boat velcro oar holder, 4.5" in diameter, available in Hypalon or PVC

TUG & Highfield Inflatable Boat Oars, Pair

TUG and Highfield Inflatable Boat Oars, pair. 64"
Mercury/Quicksilver 61" Inflatable Boat Oar, Aluminum

Mercury/Quicksilver/Highfield 61″ Inflatable Boat Oar, Aluminum

Mercury/Quicksilver Inflatable 61.5" Oar, Aluminum. Oars are sold individually and are also compatible with Highfield inflatables!

Oar Screw cap for Mercury, Walker Bay, Achilles, Highfield and TUG Inflatable Boats

Oar screw cap for Mercury, Walker Bay, Highfield and TUG Inflatable boats.