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Drain Plug for AB, Caribe, Achilles, Zodiac, Avon, Walker Bay Inflatable Boats, Transom, Expanding Flip-Up 7/8″ or 1″

Expanding flip-up style drain plug measures 7/8" in diameter or 1" in diameter.  Fits Caribe, AB, Achilles, Zodiac and Walker Bay inflatables. Plug is black in color.

Inflatable Boat Drain Plug Assembly Kit, with 7/8″ Flip-Up Drain Plug

 Inflatable Boat Transom Drain Plug Assembly Kit with Flip-Up Plug.

Inner Hull Drain Plug with Housing for Inflatable RIB Boats

Inner Hull Inflatable Boat Drain Plug with Housing - Generic

Mercury Inflatable Transom Slide Bailer

Mercury Inflatable transom slide bailer.  This can be retrofitted to any transom that has a 1-3/8"( 35mm) transom drain hole.