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Bixler’s Elixir 3-Step Inflatable Boat Deep Cleaning & Restoration Kit

Bixler’s Elixir™ 3 Step Inflatable Boat Deep Cleaning and Restoration Kit.

Inflatable Boat Cleaning Kit with Bixler’s Orange Off and Elixir Protectant

Bixler's Orange Off and Protectant Cleaning Kit includes one quart of Orange Off Inflatable Boat Cleaner and 16 oz of Bixler's Elixir Inflatable Boat Polish, UV Protectant and Exterior Sealant, one 16" x 16" reusable Microfiber cleaning cloth and one 6" x 4.5" non-abrasive cleaning pad.

Elixir Inflatable Boat Protectant and Polish, Quart

Don't let your inflatable get sunburned! Our exclusive Bixler's Elixir Polish & Protectant formula restores color and shine while providing effective UV defense!