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Folding Dinghy Anchor with Storage Bag

This powder coated, rust- resistant anchor is 3.5 pounds. It is a 4-fluke folding anchor for a convenient and compact design. It comes with a draw string storage bag that will keep your boat protected.

SkyDock Storage System for Garages, and Decks

The ideal garage storage solution for dinghies, paddle boards, kayaks, roof box, camping equipment, in fact anything that needs lifting off the ground to save on storage space.

Tug Inflatables and Universal Adjustable Housing with Drain Plug and Self Bailer

Tug Inflatables adjustable one way transom drain socket and plug. Includes gaskets and self bailer for a leakproof seal.

Zodiac Floor Slats for Roll-Up Inflatable Boats

Replacement floor slats for Zodiac 240 and 260 inflatable boats. See below for other compatible models. Offered in both gray and navy blue. Sold singularly.