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PVC Inflatable Boat Repair Fabric

PVC Inflatable Boat Repair Fabric – Meter

PVC Inflatable Boat Repair Fabric per meter, 800 Decitex for TUG, Walker Bay, Zodiac and West Marine Inflatables.  Available in Gray, White, Red, Blue, Black and Yellow.
PVC Diamond Non-Skid Inflatable Boat Fabric, Gray

PVC Diamond NonSkid Fabric – Meter

PVC diamond non-skid inflatable boat fabric by the meter.  Stop sliding off your boat, pool and your dock!  Our non-skid PVC fabric has a diamond textured pattern for extra slip resistance.

Hypalon Fabric Rolls 6″ x 58″ with Neoprene Backing. Available in white, gray, black, blue, red, yellow

Hypalon Fabric with Neoprene Backing 6" x 58" rolls, available in Black, Blue, Dark Gray, Light Gray, White, Red and Yellow. (2.5 feet of fabric)