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Achilles/Caribe/West Marine/Walker Bay Self-Bailer Drain Flapper (Part #C441C)


Achillles Drain Plug Flapper.  Also fits Zodiac, Walker Bay and many other brands.


Inner Hull Drain Plug with Housing

$8.99 $5.00
Inner Hull Drain Plug with Housing - Generic

Zodiac Bailer Diaphragm (Part #Z60501)

Zodiac Bailer Diaphragm, each
Zodiac Self Bailer (Part #ZDC2204), Single Self Bailer

Zodiac Self Bailer Drain Diaphram (Part #Z2204), Rubber

  Replacement valve for Zodiac self-bailers.  Can also be used on all Zodiac-made West Marine Boats.  1 1/4" diameter. This black rubber diaphragm has been used by most manufacturers. Fits the Zodiac self bailer Part #Z2218.  Buy 6 or more and save $.25 each