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Walker Bay Boat RID 310 Add a Tube Kit, 10', WB10 PVC

Walker Bay Boat 10' RID Add a Tube Kit, PVC

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Walker Bay Boat RID 310 Add a Tube Kit 1100 Decitex PVC for WB10.
Turn your Walker Bay into a Rigid Inflatable Dinghy (RID).  The Variable Profile Design (VPD), 2-chamber tube allows excellent rowing performance.  Maxibond reinforced seams, Halkey-Robert valves, easy grip handles for easy transporting and deluxe, heavy duty rub rail acts as a gentle bumper and stabilizer. Pump included.
The HP Rating with a Tube Kit increases from 3HP to 6HP. 
The person capacity with a Tube Kit increases from 3 to 4.
1) Use a hammer or screwdriver to gently remove all the small plastic rivets below the length of the gunwale.  If your boat does not have predrilled holes with plastic rivets, you will have to drill holes.  Caution:  Avoid scratching the hull by pushing the rivets from the outside of the hull inwards.

2)  With a number 1 Phillips/star screwdriver and pliers, fasten the fabric grommets on the tube to the hull with the bolts, nuts and rubber backed washers provided.  Note:  Make sure the tube is the correct way around before beginning the installation process.  The inflation valve should be on the right/starboard side of the hull. The bolt should be inside the hull and the nut and rubber backed washer should be outside the hull, below the gunwale.

3)  Repeat the process for the other side of the boat.

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