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Smart Tab SX Series Kit for Boats 14' to 17', 20 hp to 35 hp

Smart Tab SX Series Kit for Boats 14' to 17', 20 hp to 35 hp

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Smart Tabs SX Series for boats 14' to 17', 20 hp to 35 hp, available in black or white.

As an extension of the boats running surface, Smart Tabs change the performance and handling characteristics by automatically adjusting to water pressure, boat speed and payload.  At slow speeds, they deploy downward to increase stern lift keeping the boat level, allowing the boat to plane easier and faster.  At cruising speeds, they are pushed to a horizontal position (retracted), but remain under a load creating ride control like shock absorbers.  No more porpoising!

Easy to Install - Smart Tabs use a nitrogen gas actuator to automaticlaly regulate the trim plate position while underway.  The plate size and actuator resistance (pressure) are determined by the boat size and horsepower at the time of installation.  Even after installation, the Smart Tabs system can be tuned to the specific boat or consumer's preference.  All of this is done without the need for electric or hydraulic connection, larger feed holes, or manual switches.  A few common tools are all that is required for installation in less than one hour.

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