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Bixler's Inflatable Boat and Raft Hypalon Repair Kit, X Large

Bixler's Inflatable Boat and Raft Hypalon Repair Kit, X Large 
Our glues and solvents are rotated quickly and stored in an air-conditioned and heated facility in order to guarantee freshness and effectiveness!
Bixler's Extra Large Hypalon inflatable boat repair kit comes with 2.5 feet of fabric and is the only kit available that comes with 8 oz of ToobSeal® liquid interior sealant, enough to repair one air chamber of your boat. Our kits can repair Hypalon inflatable boats and rafts using a tough bonding formula. Kit includes cleaning solvent and 1 pieces of 6in x 60in heavy reinforcing 1000 denier Hypalon fabric to assure long lasting repairs on dinghies, sport boats and other inflatable craft. If you are ordering a 2 color kit, you will receive 2 pieces of 6in x 30in pieces.  Kit also includes 8oz shore adhesive (2-part Hypalon glue also available), 8oz Toluol solvent, roller rasp, brushes, sand paper, and instructions. Preserves buoyancy and resists cuts, cracks and impact. Packaged in a red nylon bag. Kit is available in white, light gray, dark gray, red, black, blue and yellow.  Quart size ToobSeal and additional fabrics and glues listed in related products below.   Since we cannot ship glues to Canada, Canadian customers can call Dan's Nautical Shop at (519) 735-2628 or e mail Dan at
Hypalon Inflatable Boat Repair Instructions:
You will need rubber gloves and masking tape:

The repair needs to be done indoors in a low humidity environment. Clean the boat in order to prevent dust and dirt from getting on the tacky glue. Carefully, clean old glue off of repair area using a small amount of supplied Toluene or Orange-Off inflatable boat cleaner and glue remover on a lint free cloth. Always wear gloves when using glues and solvents. If you have used Armorall or other silicone based cleaning products, our adhesive as well as any and all inflatable boat glues will have difficulty bonding. Extra cleaning may help.

Make sure patch is roughly 2” larger than damaged area and cut with rounded corners. Mark perimeter of patch on boat with pencil then carefully put masking tape all around the pencil mark leaving roughly 1/8 “ around the pencil mark. The masking tape will protect the boat from accidental excess glue and/or MEK but you should still be very careful not to get the solvents outside the repair area. Roughen the penciled in area with supplied sandpaper being careful just to remove the top coating of Hypalon and not the fabric threads deeper down. Roughen the underside of the patch also. Wipe the boat as well as the patch with Toluene and allow to dry. This is a very important step as the surfaces must be completely cleaned of oils, cleaners and dust. Using the brush, apply a thin coat of adhesive to both surfaces and allow to dry roughly 15 – 20 minutes, or until glue is dry/slightly tacky to the touch (use your knuckle as there are less oils than your fingertip). Apply a second thin coat to both the patch and the boat and allow to dry for roughly 15 - 20 minutes again, make sure glue is dry/slightly tacky to the touch.

Once the adhesive is tacky to the touch, using a blow dryer to reactivate the adhesive minimizes the complicating effects of humidity and air temperature. Warm both surfaces with a hairdryer. The surfaces are ready to join when they are warm. Join surfaces from the center of the patch out towards the edges so no air is trapped under the patch. Curving the patch so the center contacts the surface first and pressing firmly helps insure 100% adhesion stress area directly under the patch. Bond is immediate.

Use the supplied roller and roll the patch from the center towards the edge. Roll every centimeter of the patch as this will force air bubbles out as well as solidify the bond. Be careful not to allow the roller off the patch as it can mark the boat particularly when the boat has been softened with solvent, adhesive and heat. Allow 6 hours to dry. Low humidity atmosphere is the ideal condition. Do not inflate to full pressure for 12 hours.



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