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Bixler's Inflatable Boat and Raft PVC Repair Kit ,Small, Light Gray

Inflatable Boat Repair Kit, PVC, Small, Available in 7 Colors

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Our glues and solvents are rotated quickly and stored in an air-conditioned and heated facility in order to guarantee freshness and effectiveness! Other repair kits containing tube glues are for temporary or "emergency" repairs so do it right the first time!
The Inflatable boat and raft repair kit includes 8oz of ToobSeal® liquid sealant which is the only repair  kit available with all the materials required to do your own repair as well as enough ToobSeal® liquid interior sealant to repair one air chamber of your boat. Our kits can repair PVC or Neoprene inflatable boats or rafts using a tough bonding formula. Kit includes 4oz cleaning solvent (MEK) and 6" x 12" heavy reinforced pvc to assure long lasting repairs on dinghies, sport boats and other inflatable craft. Kit also includes 4oz Clifton Adhesive, roller rasp, brushes, and instructions. Preserves buoyancy and resists cuts, cracks and impact. Packaged in a red nylon bag.  Quart size ToobSeal and additional fabrics and glues listed in related products below. Kit available in light gray, dark gray, red, blue, black, orange and yellow. Suitable for Zodiac, Walker Bay PVC models, and any other PVC Inflatable. We cannot ship Repair Kits via air freight or Priority Mail because they contain adhesives which are hazardous materials.  If you choose the Priority Mail option, we will ship via Parcel Select Hazmat service which may take some extra time.  We recommend choosing the UPS option when shipping glues and solvents.  We cannot ship repair kits internationally however we can ship to Alaska, Canada, Puerto Rico, Hawaii and the USVI but it does take up to 3 weeks. 
Repair instructions for PVC Inflatable Boat or Raft:
You will need rubber gloves and masking tape:

The repair needs to be done indoors in a low humidity, well ventilated environment. Clean the boat in order to prevent dust and dirt from getting on the tacky glue. Carefully, clean old glue off of repair area using a small amount of supplied MEK on a lint free cloth. Always wear gloves when using glues and solvents.

Make sure patch is roughly 2” larger than damaged area and cut with rounded corners. Mark perimeter of patch on boat with pencil then carefully put masking tape all around the pencil mark leaving roughly 1/8 “ around the pencil mark. The masking tape will protect the boat from accidental excess glue and/or MEK but you should still be very careful not to get the solvents outside the repair area. Using the supplied brush, thinly apply 2 coats of MEK within the penciled in area (light coating or you will damage material*) and 2 light coats to the patch allowing each coat to evaporate. Using the 2nd brush, apply a thin coat of supplied Clifton Adhesive to both surfaces (following the MEK lines) and allow to dry roughly 3 – 10 minutes (depending on humidity levels). MAKE SURE adhesive is DRY to the touch because if wet adhesive is covered by a patch it can damage the material touch (use your knuckle as there are less oils than your fingertips). Apply a second thin coat to both the patch and the boat and allow to dry for roughly 3 - 10 minutes again, make sure glue is dry to the touch.

Once the adhesive is dry to the touch, using a blow dryer to reactitivate the adhesive minimizes the complicating effects of humidity and air temperature. Warm both surfaces with a hairdryer. The surfaces are ready to join when they are warm. Join surfaces from the center of the patch out towards the edges so no air is trapped under the patch. Curving the patch so the center contacts the surface first and pressing firmly helps insure 100% adhesion stress area directly under the patch. Bond is immediate.

Use the supplied roller and roll the patch from the center towards the edge. Roll every centimeter of the patch as this will force air bubbles out as well as solidify the bond. Be careful not to allow the roller off the patch as it can mark the boat particularly when the boat has been softened with solvent, adhesive and heat. Allow 6 hours to dry. Low humidity atmosphere is the ideal condition. Do not inflate to full pressure for 12 hours.

*Our tests indicate that Clifton Adhesive without MEK does not make a good bond. We mention this because the instructions on Clifton Adhesive do not mention MEK. MEK actually dissolves the thin outer coating of PVC and allows the adhesive to penetrate the surface producing a better bond, much like a Hypalon repair which requires the tube and patch to be “roughed up” with sand paper. If you have used Armorall or other silicone based cleaning products, Clifton Adhesive as well as any and all inflatable boat glues will have difficulty bonding. Extra cleaning may help.


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