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Avon A7, B7, C7 Valve Repair / Rebuild Kit (Avon Part #V00001)
  • Avon A7, B7, C7 Valve Repair / Rebuild Kit (Avon Part #V00001)

Avon A7, B7, C7 Valve Repair / Rebuild Kit (Avon Part #V00001)

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Avon A7, B7 and C7 Valve Repair Kit. Includes everything needed to breath new life into an old leaky valve. Includes diaphragm, spindle, spring and cap sealing ring. Replaces part numbers AV3528 and 99785938 (Avon Part #V00001)

A7, B7  and C7 Avon Valve Repair Kit Instructions

How To Do It Right The First Time...


1.       Deflate the chamber and leave the valve locked in the "open" position. 

2.       Using our special wrench (please see related products below) , unscrew counterclockwise the outside part of the valve from the inside part (grasp the inside part of the valve from behind through the boat material with your hand). 

3.       Then push the inside part or the valve into the chamber and turn it around so you can see the backside. 

4.       Use a pair of needle nose pliers and grasp the black rubber diaphragm on the backside and unscrew it counterclockwise until you can remove it from the boat.  Don't worry about damaging it since you are going to install a new spindle, spring & diaphragm.

5.       Turn the valve back around and move the valve to the "closed" position.  The spindle and spring will come free and can be
removed from the valve. 

6.       Insert the new spindle and spring into the valve and turn and lock the spindle in the "open" position.

7.       Turn the valve around and screw the new diaphragm onto the spindle (be
careful not to cross thread or damage the diaphragm). 

8.       Then turn the valve around and screw the outer piece to the inner piece of the valve and you are finished.



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